To buy Careprost: what are the advantages of the product?

To buy Careprost: what are the advantages of the product?

To buy Careprost: what are the advantages of the product?


Long, luxurious and slightly curved eyelashes make woman’s glance beautiful and mysterious. Such a beauty can attract attention of any gentleman. How to make eyes more gorgeous and expressive?

Nowadays the market of cosmetics is flooded with a variety of drugs, which make eyelashes condition better. Careprost is one of the most widespread drops used for the treatment of hypotrichosis (a condition in which the lashes become brittle, sparse and short). At first, this product was created for treatment of ophthalmic diseases, in particular, glaucoma. Unusual “side effect” of the medicine attracted cosmeticians’ attention and for today we have a series of effective and safe products based on the active substance Bimatoprost.

What is remarkable about the drug?

So, what effect can be expected if you buy Careprost on

·                     High, practically one hundred percent efficiency. It is noticed that the best results were obtained by those women, whose eyelashes were in the worst condition. If you are lucky to have beautiful thick lashes, there will be some improvement, but you shouldn’t expect any extraordinary result. This is clear that if you are healthy you will not take any medicine to become healthier. In this sense Careprost doesn’t differ from other drugs.

·                     All natural composition and safety of use.

·                     No “side effects”. An exception to the rule is people with hypersensitivity to the components of the solution.

Often negative reviews of Careprost appear on the network caused by the fact that people buy privately of outright counterfeit or do not read the instructions for use. The attempts to “enhance the effect” by uncontrolled use of serum are also fraught with allergic reactions. So it is just necessary to be more attentive.

It is desirable to take photos of eyelashes before using the drug. The first signs of positive dynamics will appear in two weeks of everyday using. At the end of the treatment course lashes increase by one third and their density doubles.

Careprost is a peculiar make-up for eyelashes hair follicles, due to which their supply of oxygen improves. The latter means that lashes growth is stimulated and “sleeping” but viable follicles awake. Total duration of the treatment course is 2-4 months.

Some customers ask if there is a cancellation effect. Yes, there is. If you stop using serum the eyelashes back to the initial condition. But the statement that they begin to fall out with drug cancellation is false.

Careprost emergency on market pushed substantially the positions of extension procedure. Herewith Caraprost price on is quite acceptable. No correction, no “artificial” effect. Only impressive natural result! 

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