Careprost before & after

Careprost before & after

Careprost before & after


What should you do if you cannot stand your damaged and short eyelashes anymore and you are fed up with expensive but inefficient cosmetic means?  False lashes or extension is obviously not an option. Careprost is an answer for your questions for it is one of the most efficient and potent cosmetic solutions for your eyes. 

Numerous problems can arise and cause concern about the health of your eye winkers. Because of certain reasons, they might be not long or strong enough, their color might lose intensity. Thus, you spend much time trying to hide them, putting on mascara, but it is a temporary problem solving. Such disturbing problems as

- thin and colorless lashes;

- eyelash loss;

- hypotrichosis;

- excessive intraocular pressure

can be solved with only one cosmetic drug – Careprost. 


Needless to say that the wanted result can only be achieved if the treatment is carried out properly and regularly. You only have to apply the solution on the upper lash line on a regular basis, providing the necessary care. Thus, you not only improve the general condition of your lashes, but also lower intraocular pressure in glaucoma. However, it is not a medical drug, so you are not in need of a doctor’s prescription to purchase Careprost. 

Due to the effect of its main component Bimatoprost the growth of your eye winkers is enhanced naturally, its color is more saturated. Your eyes not only look but also feel better and healthier. 

How long does it take?

The result depends on the accuracy of the appliance. The more careful you use it, the faster your lashes are strong and beautiful. Except using this solution, you do not need to carry out any other procedures. Lashes get longer due to the normalization of the growth cycle. 

After Careprost my lashes will look like…

natural, healthy and beautiful eye winkers. They will grow as they are supposed to. If you want to see the result and check the effects of the cosmetic drug, carry out a simple experiment. Take two detail pictures of your eyes and eyelashes, so that you can see them very precisely. You can also set a period of time to repeat the procedure, for instance, to take pictures every week. Finally, compare all pictures and see what happened before and after Careprost. The conclusion is very predictable, though: before the use of the solution, lashes look ill, thin and faded. Then, you can see that they get better gradually: color gets deeper, eyelashes are longer. Even the whole look of your eyes is more impressive. Eventually, your eye winkers have:

- normal or long length;

- natural growth pattern;

- strengthened roots;

- strong structure;

- impressive look.

Positive effect of Bimatoprost on the eyes is obvious. Hypotrichosis is not an obstacle anymore. Not only you but other people will notice the difference. You can order and buy the solution for your lash problems online at our website or in cosmetic stores. Forget about damaged and lost eyelashes and experience the curative effect of Careprost. 

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